Choosing your venue

Having the right venue can be the difference between success or failure. Whatever the event, there are a lot of items to consider to ensure things go smoothly. Below are just a few tips, when it comes to choosing your venue for your next event.


  1. Size
    The size and capacity of venue must be just right, too small will create crowding while too large will give a sense of emptiness. A good venue will have capacity numbers for all of their rooms or sites, the key is to select a venue just under or over your the capacity limit and your should be fine.
  2. Layout Options
    Most good venues have experience and plans in place for your catering needs and seating arrangements. Do not be afraid to ask for the venues for seating plans or gallery of images from past events to get some ideas about your events layout.
  3. Date & Time
    Check your calendar and the venue calendar for significant events around the time of your are planning. Ensure that both the venue and you have open dates.
  4. Location
    Consider where your guest are coming from, a good venue will have good access and plenty of parking space. All ensure that the locations is somewhere that makes sense for your guest and that it is safe, desirable location.


While there are many more aspects to consider before you choose your next venue, this small list should get you started.  If you any questions regarding your next event, please contact our teams event coordinator at 662.466.2605 or by email mariebmattox@gmail.com.


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